A water with unique properties

The Mineral Water Palau has a series of characteristics that make it UNIQUE and make it one of the best waters in the world for the consumption of people.


It is an alkaline water, high pH, ​​carbonated. This gives it a distinctive flavor, especially nice. It is an ORGANIC mineral water: this means that it emerges naturally with an optimum composition of minerals that human organisms require.


It is a hyperthermal water that emerges to the surface by a series of natural sourses at 72 ° c and its source is 2,700 meters deep from the earth, in a state of absolute purity.


It has the right amount of sodium for a modern diet of an active person. The 130/140 mg Na / liter is consistent with the daily requirement of 2,500 mg recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)


Why choose Palau?


• Included in the categorization of mineral-mineral waters and medium mineralization, Palau water contains iron, fluorine, calcium and magnesium.


• Helps eliminate impurities from the body without affecting the functioning of the kidneys and promotes a balance in body weight.


• Moisturizes the skin, keeps it elastic, prevents sagging and is highly recommended for pregnant women.


• Transports nutrients, vitamins and minerals through the body safely and is also an excellent source of calcium.


• Protects against the harmful effects of cholesterol and contains magnesium, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease.


• It increases the speed of intestinal transit and does not contain calories, which is ideal for diets.


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