Our history

140 years of history

The sources of mineral and curative waters of Rosario de la Frontera, on the hills south of the Province of Salta, have been known since time immemorial.


The Inca Atahualpa visited them and named them INTI YACO of hot waters. The great Argentine heroes recovered forces in these repairing waters in their posts of the liberating campaigns towards the high Peru. Palau thermal mineral water is the first bottled in the country and has been bottled since 1880.


The sources of healing waters also gave rise to the first thermal spa in Latin America, founded by Dr. Antonio Palau in 1878.

A legendary hotel

A few meters from the thermal springs, the Hotel Termas was built, which welcomes guests from all over the world and who come to these lands of hills and meadows in a green landscape of abundant vegetation, to enjoy and relax in the The first thermal spa in Argentina and the first casino in South America.


Founded by the spanish doctor based in Argentina Antonio Palau, in 1878, it was designed and executed by Spanish architects based in Tucumán, Manuel and José Graña - father and son - authors of numerous works that are an architectural heritage of humanity.



Route 34 - Km 998 / R. de la Frontera - Salta.


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